Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

Rain , nor Sleet , or Snow will not stop us. No , and you know why ? Because we're Supermen or super crazy. You be the judge.

Tom probes a brick liner ! Bill , Tom, and Darren getting ready for certain rain under the first tarp. 100% chance. Bill starting the hole. 

Mike now down in the privy about 7 feet and Bill at about 10 feet. Water is coming in. Notice Bills shirt. It was a bright yellow when we first met at the digging site.


A muddy , muddy mess !

Several hours of rain, we added more tarps and Bill pulls up a nice Cobalt Blue Medicine bottle. It was 7" and reads "Caswell New Port & New York".

A closeup of the Caswell and a nice Barrel Mustard that read " G & L ". It was pontiled from the inside bottom instead of the outside bottom (unique).