Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

Waco Guards

WOWW !!!!!

Here it is after cleaning.

A Waco Guards Button ! A Star on a lined field . What a great find !

The back.  I haven't cleaned it yet but it looks like it says " Scovill Waterbury Mftg Co." I guess I'm going to have to clean it now. I'll clean it the way bottle diggers clean stuff - with my wire brush and my SOS pad --- Can anybody think of a better way ? Gotta hurry and gettur done. Hehehe!!!

The first and only bottle in the Trash Pit.

A very nice Pontiled Cone Ink.

A nice Civil War Lice Comb with all the teeth.

Tom pretty much finishing up the hole with only 3 things to show for our efforts - Its a crying shame isn't it ? Next week I promise 2 (I better change that to 1) Bitters.

After a light cleaning - I couldn't get a good picture of the back.

More photos after cutip cleaning.

Top-    1    2   3   4

Bottom-   1   2    3

Side-   1   2


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