Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

The Coke Dump

Since it was going to be a hot day and the Sun being relentless we decided to dig in our old dump under the nice cool shade trees.

Tom watching Darren in anticipation of what darren will pull up out of the ground.

Just a common bottle and a nice earlier Blown Coke from Memphis. This one probably dates from 1906 to 1910 (probably 1910 because of the next bottle that we found). Coca Cola came to Memphis in 1906 and the Arrow Cokes started coming in at 1911 as you can see on the back bottom usually a number either  11  , 12  , 13. I don't recollect seeing a 14. In newer cisterns / dumps that date around 1914 and 1915 we've seen Brown Cokes with the side seam Arrow and the variety with the 6  1/2 ounce embossing on the back - 2 rare varieties from Memphis. The side seam arrow Cokes usually go for about $100. to $110. and the 6 1/2 ounce variety $125. to $135.

R. M. Becker wanted to get some of the profits that Coca Cola was getting. He made this drink for only 1 year before they said " You'll have to come up with your own drink Buddy" , so they sued Becker in 1910 and won. So if you find one of these bottles you're doing pretty good.

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