Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

River Dig in the River City

Tom and Bill can't believe there eyes as they see a black glass ale that fell along with the hard crusted chunk from the river wall.

Tom pulls up an Olive Oil bottle and Mike with a large size black glass ale.

The Bottles Just Keep Coming !

Bill Holds a short squatty bottle with Queen Anne on a sunken panel that we think came from a steam boat and Mike has a Lord Deihl & Danbury Hutch soda.

Bill would be worried about the smoke getting in his eyes if it weren't for the cone ink he has just unearthed and is holding in his hand. Also an Artesian Soda Hutch ! Check out all the photos on pages 7 & 8 in our photo gallery.

Not too bad for about 3 1/2 hours worth of hard brow wiping work.

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