Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

We probed this hole last week and were looking forward to digging all this past week. Darren Starting on the privy !

Alright ! An oval brick liner !

Darren and Andrew wait for Mike to get out of the hole before he finds a gloppy top Whiskey!

Bill gets in and  pulls up about 6 early Memphis drug bottles including this nice black glass ale , and the crock that Mike is holding.

The bottom of the hole which went 10 feet down.Surprisingly it went pretty quick for us. We finished it and covered it in 3 hours. Most of the bottles - about 30 - nothing that great . Oh, the one below would have made the day for us but unfortunately got away. Parkers Celebrated Stomach Bitters.

Another fun day of digging. Thanks !

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