Wampoo Bitters Found

A Saturday just like any other Saturday or so it seemed ! We started looking on a lot that we'd checked a dozen times but to no avail we decided to go to another spot that we just knew had some privys' there.

As soon as  we got there , we started probing and thats about all we did because about our second push of the probe yielded a huge 7' by 5' wood liner that turned to a oval Brick Liner at about 8 or 9 feet.


. This Privy was a big one. For the first 8 - 9 feet it was 7' by 5' and then it went to an oval Brick Liner - probably 5' by 4'


 Buddy getting on down with it!





  Bill pulls up this bottle. A Sauce or Vinegar.


 Passing up a Whiskey.


 A nice Mineral Water.



A Porcelain G.W.Laird Perfumer.

And more!!


Barrel Mustard

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