The Best Cistern ever!


I hate to start from the end and show the best first but look at what a great photograph!

Not one , not 2, but 5 unknown Mini Jugs from Memphis. And guess what , maybe the first Merry Christmas Mini Jug too ! Talking about getting into the Christmas spirit - if this don't do it , then their is nothing else that the Lord can do for you. Update . After a visit to the local Memphis library, we discovered that O.K. Robertson had a bar and a Grocery Store in Memphis and his address was 49-51 Beal (with this spelling and without St.). Probably one of  the rarest Memphis Mini jug having been given out only in December 1897 !

Starting the hole. The topsoil was very hard.

Darren with a Caroni Bitters?

A different bottle than what we're used to in this area. Thompsons Hygeia Wild Cherry Phosphate (with a tremendous amount of embossing on the back) and what is this big amber bottle with Greenville ,Tenn on the bottom?

A very good cure bottle. It is shaped just like a Warners Safe Cure but it reads " Bakers / Vegetable / Blood & Liver / Cure / Lookout / Mountain / Medicine Co. / Manufacturers / & / Proprietors / Greenville / Tenn. " . Then wouldn't you know it , a small sized Warners Safe Cure.


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