Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

Cistern Full of Jugs !

Well we started looking for a privy in an area that we had checked before. After a short time Bill located a cistern that we could tell had a lot of dribris inside it. We decided to put it on hold and look behind a couple of new house lots and with suprisingly no luck we went back to the cistern. Here's how it went.

Just starting the hole.

The first find was suprisingly a baggage tag from the 1870's - M & LR. R.R. (Memphis & Little Rock R.R.)  , then a 2 gallon jug !

Mike holding the first 2 gallon jug  and then Tom unearths another one !

Tom is all smiles as he hands up number 2 and what ? Number 3 !

Is Bill asleep or can he just not believe his eyes with  #4 and immediately looks across from him when Mike pulls up a unmarked crockery flask !

The gang as they look toward the end of the day and some of the finds. All in all a very fun day.

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