Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

Jackson Bottle Show 1/20-07

More tables.

Gene Bradberry showing his awesome collection of Boy Scout Memorabilia while Alan and Betty Sue Balliet show off there massive amount of bottles.

Robert Schaffer and Pepper Townsend showing off some of the bottles that they have dug including this rare Biedenharn Candy Co. Hutch from Vicksburg.

Brian Fryday with a great collection of Jugs and Mini Jugs ! Jimmy Buell and his wife on the right with there equally as great collection of colored Inks, Flasks , and Pickles !


Ulysses Michini and his son hunting for gold and silver coins along with straight sided Cokes. James Fox hunting high on land and deep in ground for Civil War Relics.(love those CW photos James!).

Ricky Cogdill selling a great variety of collectibles. John Sharp with some nice seldom seen lookers. Great show John ! thememphisdiggers enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks.

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