Digging the Right Way

If you ever had a chance to dig bottles with a piece of machinery it'll be hard for you to go back to a measely ole shovel. The ground coverage is great and you want to talk about time , Man-O-Man, whew !







   Tommy holding a Hutch from a place in Mississippi ! 


    Perry is a great operator !


  Buddy awaiting the Great Ones !


  A Buffalo Lithia Spring Water.



  Chris claiming the Prize !


   One potato.... 


  Two potatos.... 



   They are all coming  from right here.


  Sweeeet ! 


 They never  stopped coming ! 48 Ginger beers in all !




   The bottles from the dig. Druggists, Cokes, whiskeys, etc..I just like digging like this. ... Do you need any bottles today ? Chicken ain't nothing but a bird.

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