Memphis Digging Adventures!

Below are the links to our digging adventures. We update these links all the time so check back frequently for updates.

Some of the stories have multiple pages so look for the links to the following pages on the bottom of each entry.


   Green Memphis Blob Soda 

 Senour's Bitters 

 Blue Pontiled Maguire

      NY Bitters Found

     Century Liquor & Cigar

     P. Twohig Cream Ale

 A Few New Ones

     Civil War Dentures

     Two Different Dumps

   Back to Back Privies

       26 Feet Deep !

       The Green Page

       Digging the Right Way

        5th Confederate Regiment

      New Apothecary Bottle

       Sweet Amber Pepsi

     Tennessee Trash Digging

     Holly Springs Dig 

     Ooh Those Amber Cokes!

     Buffalo Lithia Water

     A Dump Dug Pepsi

   Script I Button

    Buddy Scores !  

   1860 Dump Site

  2011 Digging Season

 1915 Cistern

 Unlisted Bitters

1880's Brick Liner

  Memphis Whiskey Found! 

 Druggist Bottles Galore

The Brownsville Boys!

New Years 2010 Privy

1860s bonus Privy

Buddy's First Stick

Wine Bottle Privy

Wahoo Bitters!

Monster Druggist

Big Cistern - day 2

Big Cistern - day 1

Brown & Blue Druggists

26 Foot Brick Liner

30 Feet Down !

Mini Privy Bottle Cache

22 Footer in Progress

Fruit Jar Privy

Covington Coke Privy

Drinkers Galore 

Jack Daniels 

Down 14' So Far

10 Foot Wood Liner

Dump Digging

2 Gallon Jug

Civil War Show

1880s Dump

Big Wet Cistern

1860s Metal-Lined Privy

8' by 7' Wood Liner

An Unknown Medicine

The Monster

10 Foot Brick Liner

Teal Udolpho!

The Ring

Oil Lamp Privy

Another Good Start 8/23

Pontiled Brickliner

8 Bitters!

1850s Trash Dump

18' Brickliner 2/23/08

Twin Privies

A Great 19' Brickliner

Waco Guards Button

Tom's 18' Brickliner

15' Brickliner

Toe-Probed Well!

2 Cisterns & a Privy

New Pepsi Cistern

Cistern Dig 11/24

New Dump Stuff

New Dump Found!

Dump Dig Video

Dump Dig 7/28

Dump Dig 7/21

New Pepsi Dig 7/14

Pepsi & Coca Cola Hole

Whiskey Hole

More Cokes

Andrew Day!

The Coke Dump

Berkshire Pig Dig

Arkansas Dig

Drakes Bitters 3/10 - 07

Jackson Bottle Show and Dig

Wet Privy 

Oval Brick Liner

Bill Probes a Privy

Marked Jug 12/9

Merry Xmas Cistern 12/3

Juggy Cistern 11/18

19 Foot Brick Liner 10/28

23 Feet Deep! 10/21

Brickliner 9/16 - 9/17

River Dig 9/9

River Dig 8/31

American Digger Article