Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

A Brick Liner to Remember !

This was a privy that we will remember for a long time - but hopefully not , if you know what I mean. 7:00am Saturday morning we met on a lot that we had high hopes for all week. After about 15 or 20 minutes we discovered that it was not going to be what we thought it was going to be. After about 45 minutes probing and spot checking , we decided to leave and go next door to a lot that we had dug an 1860's privy on a couple of years ago. As soon as we gott there we grabbed our probes out of the back of the truck and started probing the side of the lot. After only about 2 minutes and on the 4th probe in the ground EUREKA ! We probed all the way around it discovering it was a nice oval brick liner with orange crumbly slave brick. We quickly started opening it up and didn't kow for sure if it had been dug back in the 1970's by the local veteran diggers , but we were very hopeful that it wasn't.

Right at this point we pushed our probe in to check for a crunch layer but at about 5 feet down it was nothing but bricks that we couldn't get through , so we kept on going.

Down and through the bricks we found four clear1890's shoofly flasks , Hires Improved Root Beer bottle, then a cheesebrough vaseline jar. What a letdown. We thought that they must have cleaned this one out and used it over , but NO ! Out comes a late 1860's Behive Durkee in perfect condition with a nice crude lip !

They Just Keep Coming

The bottles and debris just keep coming !

An 1860's Ketchup , a squatty Mansfield Medecine, a 12 sided umbrella ink and Bill down about 11 feet.

Mike Holding a Tildon & Co. Lebanon , NY bottle and then a fancy pontiled Barrel Mustard with a G and an E in the panels on either side. Bottle load underneath.

Bill is so happily astonished at the thousands of pieces of debris and hundreds of bottles that are coming out of the hole. Their is literally more bottles, broken bottles, and china coming out of the hole than there is dirt and now everthing is going pontiled !! (iron pontiled peppersauce).


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