Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

American Digger Article

Checkout our 5 page article in the July / August issue of the American Digger Magazine. Mike Holding an awesome F.W. Cooke Black Glass Ale from Memphis ! This was " One Great Privy " !

Bill is handing up an 1840's " flow blue " pitcher out of the hole. Tom is showing us a very rare Pot Lid - Wright's Gold Medal Saponacious  Shaving Compound .

A closeup of the F.W.Cooke and a few of the many blobs that we dug from this hole.


Day 2


Happy is Tom and Bill standing above the Privy . See Tom holding the great Pot Lid that was just unearthed. Mike pointing at the super rare Olsen and Co. Blob. One of 3 or 4 known.

A closeup of the Olsen & Co. Blob and Troy handing up Blob soda bottles in multiples.


 This is just a few of the many good bottles that we uncovered in this great Privy. You can catch the whole story as the featured article in the American Digger magazine !

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