Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

A Great 19' Brickliner

Not 6 feet away from the Trash Pit where we dug the Waco Guards Button last week we probed a massive Brickliner that would prove to be the hardest and longest time spent in a privy that we'd ever had. It was 19' deep and 5' across, not to mention 19 hours of continuous back breaking slave labor. We were there from 6:30am until 1:00am the next morning. Tom had the hardest time though. He worked until 4am that morning and hadn't been to bed since 9:00am . We'll start it off with a few pictures of some of the finds.

A Williams & Ross Victoria Tonic Bitters !! Down about 17'

An E. Schroeder , East St. Louis Squat Ale Bottle in a super rare green or greenish aqua color !

About 17-18' down - we found this Double Eagle Quart size Flaskalong with 2 Half Pint Union Eagle Flasks . Very nice. Ooh - La -La.