Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

2 Cisterns & A Privy

We almost decided to change our names to thememphiscisterndiggers , but we held our own just in the nick of time.

Tom digging in the newly found Cistern he Probed last week.

Buddy holding a little Tea Pitcher with with a nice image on the side. We didn't find a whole lot in this Cistern.

Darren starting the Privy that Tom also probed last weekend.

Two 1890's druggists from the Privy - Gieselmann & Sommer / Apothecaries and Chemistists  (unknown - until now) &  H. F. Francis / Registered Pharmacists .

Darren looks like he found 2 chamber pots. He's holding one. He-He. That about ends the privy.