2011 New Digging Season Oct.


Starting a new digging season is Geerrreat !



 There's nothing like first sticking a shovel in a nice orange Brickliner. Like Mama used to say "You never know what your gonna get." HeHe


 Just outside the hole Buddy & Bill pull up an early crown top - "J.J. Heinrich Bottling Co./ Memphis , 10 / Registered Not to be Sold". (hard to find with the 10).


  Down about 3-4 feet comes up a C.J.Hargan Hutch.


 Then a long glass syringe in nice condition. 



 Well, not much in this hole but we had our adrenaline and our hopes up high ,but just wait til next week. We have another hole just over from this one that can definately be a great one. We'll be dreaming big until then.

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