Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

The Inside Dig !

We arrived at a house site determined to locate a privy to dig. While we started probing around a little bit Andrew said that he saw some bottles underneath an old house that had partially burnt.  He said he was going to crawl it and see what he could come up with. We started digging a trash pit with not much luck. Andrew come out with a few neat turn of the century bottles and said that he saw a depression about midway of the house with alot of broken bottles in it. We became interested immediately and we grabbed a probe. There was one room that had the floor ripped up so thats where we could probe the depression from. Sticking the probe in , we could tell that unfortunatly that it wasn't going to be what we wanted, so we started probing on the ground where the floor used to be and immediatly we hit a tremendous crunch area that went the whole length of the rod ! We were in hog, I mean Tiger heaven. Anyway here's how it went.

Tom Just starting on the hole and Darren about to climb out at about 9 foot.

Tom and Mike getting deeper and deeper. Notice the 9 foot probe.

Still hopeful , we are keeping up the pace in the coal filled hole.

After getting almost 20 feet down , finally a gray salt glazed half gallon jar.

A common Tarrant Druggist and a Husbands Laundry Blue bottle. Very wet at almost 20 feet.

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