Preserving the Excitement of Bottle Digging!

18' Brickliner 2/23-08

After the Civil War show last weekend we're back in full stroke. This week we actually found 2 privies but when we were in the middle of the first one , we figured out how the lots were running and found another which proved to be the good one.  And then while we were digging the second one we probed 2 more privies which gave us 2 more to come back to later. Here's some pictures of the 2 holes.

Bill , holding the Memphis Blob with Troy with the smoking Gun and Buddy in the background.











A closeup of the C.J. Hargan Blob Soda .












Bill holding a Bixby Laundry Blue bottle. Still in the first privy.











After finding the second privy , we began digging in it. It began as a kidney shaped orangey Brickliner !











After we decided it might have a little depth we set up the pulley. Buddy, Bill, Garrett , Troy, and we had a curious visitor and Tom in the shallow first privy .










Tom joined us after getting to the the bottom of the use layer in th first small privy that proved not to have very many bottles.










Troy gets in and makes some room and gets closer to the Use Layer.











Troy shows the kidney shape turns into a circle.












One of the first bottles in the hole is a Figural Boot.












Troy gets down in the hole!